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We build communities of peace

And activate others for the life transforming work of reconciliation

REMERGE is a community building and activating faith-based nonprofit. We are committed to building communities of peace where lives are joined together across social and economic divides. In doing so, we advance thinking and unleash imaginations around practices of welcome, justice, work, beauty, built environment and reconciliation.

For 19 years we have been training and developing nonprofits, churches, and purpose driven businesses and organizations in vision development, innovative program design, collaborative solutions to challenges, and effective execution.  Learn more about how we RECONNECT, RETHINK and REIMAGINE by clicking the links below.

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our core capabilities

We assist churches, nonprofits and purpose driven businesses and organizations of all shapes and sizes, from local start-ups to global entities, to lead in the transformation of their communities. 

affordable housing . business modeling . community art . community building . community engagement . community organizing . creative workshops . curating community culture . design thinking . dignified interdependence . domestic violence . homelessness . missions . networking . organizational development and culture . placemaking . poverty . program development . project management . race . reconciler's imagination . sex trafficking . strategic planning . theological social framework . women in ministry