welcome to remerge!

REMERGE is a community building and activating faith-based nonprofit. We are committed to building communities of peace where lives are joined together across social and economic divides. In doing so, we advance thinking and unleash imaginations around practices of welcome, justice, service, beauty, built environment and reconciliation.

For 17 years we have been training and developing churches, nonprofits and social impact organizations in vision development, innovative program design, collaborative solutions to challenges, and effective execution.  Learn more about how we reconnect, rethink and reimagine by clicking the links below.

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our Mission

We build communities of peace

and activate others for the world transforming work of reconciliation.

inciting  social  impact

We are experienced community builders using innovative strategies to create lasting impact in neighborhoods and organizations.

We partner with you to develop effective and innovative vision, strategy and practices that are faithful to God’s reconciling work in the world.

Our team dives in alongside you to create solutions to crucial challenges in your neighborhood or organization.

That’s why we have served across sectors and throughout North America – we are effective, innovative, collaborative and resolute in activating Christians for

social impact.

We’re REMERGE – a community of reconcilers.