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Powering Transformation

Many have the desire to make a difference in their communities, churches, or work, but they lack the understanding or skills to pull it off effectively. We provide the fuel to become reconcilers. Through experiential learning, insights into practices, systems and cultures, and deep dives into creative problem solving, we help bring change to challenges. To understand our impact we track the number of lives and organizations empowered along with the ways they are making an impact in their context.

empowered lives

How many trainings we deliver and how many people or organizations receive that training alone does not tell us if we are making an impact. But it is a good indicator that those we train think so, especially if they come back for more. So we track how many trainings we deliver and how many experienced them. We are also attentive to their immediate feedback. These don't give us the whole picture, and that's why we also try to track the impact our learners are having in their various contexts.

Through the first quarter of 2017 we empowered:

162 persons and

37 organizations

through 8 presentations.

Testimony of the trained

After a person or organization goes through one of our workshops or educational programs we want to know if it mattered. We attempt to keep up with those we seek to empower to hear the stories of desired outcomes met and impact made once they return home. This allows us to tweak or change what we present and develop new learning opportunities so that we can be as helpful to those we serve as possible.

After years of providing mission trips we realized we were having little lasting impact. We would hear about the occasional life change, but by and large groups returned to the status quo and rarely did anything to impact their communities. We completely reimagined our program and now offer Immersion Workshops where we intentionally introduce new mindsets, teach skills and develop innovative impact plans with the group to implement on their return home.