Building Community

in the neighborhood

These are our grassroots efforts where we directly build communities of peace. Join lives with us in any of our communities or projects.

  • Central Atlanta

    The Central Atlanta Community provides spaces where persons with dispirate lives can join together and learn how to be neighbors and friends. This incredibly diverse community of homeless, elderly, children, sexually exploited, stay-at-home moms and more is open to all who would like to visit and participate.
    • Parish Walks We spend time walking the neighborhood, connecting with neighbors, praying for one another and the neighborhood, and checking in with community members.
    • Women's Bible Study and Fellowship - Wednesdays at 10am. This is a chance for women to spend time together praying, talking, laughing and supporting one another.
    • Women's Bible Study - Thursdays from 9:30 - 11:30 at North Avenue Presbyterian Church. This study is led by North Avenue and includes large group teachings with small group conversations.
    • Art in the Park - Thursdays from 10 - 12:30 at Central Park (300 block of Linden Avenue across from the Cosby Spear building). This is a chance for people from different walks of life to come together and have fun, get to know each other and build transforming friendships while creating together and sharing a meal.
    • Neighborhood Block Party - Saturdays from 10 - 12 we gather together in Renaissance Park to have fun with games, art, snow cones and coffee.
    Email for more information.
  • south atlanta

    The South Atlanta Community (#satl) focuses building community young people in the neighborhood.

    1. Neighborhood Youth Group
    • Weekly community gathering including sharing in fun, a meal, life struggles and study.
    • Leadership development.
    • Mentoring
    • Life skills
    • Christian campsThirkield University @thirkielduniversity Thirkield University develops the young men of South Atlanta with a sense of worth and dignity for themselves and their community as they make plans for their future contribution to the world and their neighborhood. We focus on empowering these men to recognize their God-given potential, develop a vision for their lives, believe in themselves and depend on one another. 
    • Thursday night gathering - basketball, small groups, dinner.
    • Mentoring
    • Field trips - universities, business, job fairs, etc.
    • Sports Twice a year we host basketball tournaments for the neighborhood. We also organize a flag football league.
    • Neighborhood Prayer Walks and Networking Once a month we walk the neighborhood praying for neighbors and the common good. We share a meal together and join our lives together.

    Email for more information.

  • creative connections

    Creative Connections is an artistic initiative that liberates the spiritually, socially and physically disconnected by uniting diverse, creative communities of healing and reconciliation. Directed by William Massey, we currently facilitate interactions connecting artists with those who could best utilize the peace found during the process of creative release. Currently programs are located at:

    • REMERGE Central Atlanta Community
    • Winship Cancer Center
    • The Gateway Center

    Email for more information.  

  • giving grace

    Giving Grace is a rapid response team with a view toward long term sustainability. The purpose is to provide support for individuals in our communities with acute needs, along with support for ongoing community programs while inviting the larger Atlanta community to participate in the work of reconciliation.

    Giving Grace has four primary tasks:

    1. Respond to immediate emergency needs as they present themselves.
    2. In cooperation with community directors and those in need, help create and support a sustainability plan moving beyond the emergency need.
    3. Support our ongoing work.
    4. Connect persons across social and economic divisions.
    Email for more information. Contribute through Giving Grace here.

    In this historic neighborhood we have the privilege to build upon the dream of the beloved community by providing community and placemaking leadership. Also, in early 2018, we will open our new central offices and national training center on iconic Auburn Avenue, the heart of reconciliation and the civil rights movement, and within one block of Ebenezer Baptist Church, the spiritual home of Dr. King.

    Email for more information.