reimagine: CREATING solutions

unleashing the reconciler's imagination

We assist churches and nonprofits to lead in the transformation of their communities. Our methods utilize the reconciler's imagination integrated with placemaking, design thinking, and impact modeling to build vision, strategies and solutions that are effective, innovative and faithful.

We work with organizations of all shapes and sizes, from start-ups to established entities.  Let us know how we can best serve you.

  • solution  sprints

    Our creative impact team dives in alongside your team and leads you through a rapid design thinking process. We can help you jumpstart a new program, rethink a challenge, or help get you through a sticking point in a current program.  In a few short hours we will help frame your challenge, produce helpful insights, generate a multitude of possible solutions, and prototype one promising idea with an experiment to test immediately.

  • solution  consulting

    Our team will work alongside yours, leveraging our experience and focus to build capacity in your staff and drive effective results more quickly.

    Our services include:                             

    - strategy development              

    - strategy execution                    

    - impact assessment                  

     - program development              

    - team building                             

    - collaborative problem solving

    - neighborhood mapping           

  • reimagine projects:

    A workshop for reconciliation thinking and innovative solutions

    REMERGE is exploring the edges of social practices, assumptions and institutions by pressing to understand where the built and natural environment, business, church, family and government intersect to join lives and produce flourishing for all. REIMAGINE PROJECTS are where we experiment and envision what could be. They're the sharp edge of our reconciler's imagination where we continuously question and explore how God's reconciling work shapes the world.