core community practices

We believe that although community may not lead to reconciliation, reconciliation always leads to community. A community looks like a family. We recognize a core group of practices that families do because they are families and when they do them they are strengthened as a family.

  • Praying Together - Prayer is a way of communicating and connecting with God. But when done with our brothers and sisters it is also a way of connecting with one another. It provides a space of vulnerability, it opens an opportunity to serve on another, it helps us know one another.
  • Learning Together - Learning together helps us grow together. Not only intellectually, but spiritually as we journey with one another in the knowledge of God and His work in the world.
  • Serving Together - Serving is a way for us to join as one in concrete acts of love, revealing our lives as intimately connected as I both share and receive.
  • Eating Together - Eating together is unnecommunicates acceptance and peace. We are friends at the common the table.
  • Celebrating/Suffering Together - Joining lives with one another is to be inseparable in both good times and in bad. When something good happens to my neighbor I celebrate with them. Likewise, when one suffers, I enter into that suffering with them.
  • Playing Together - To be reconciled is to enjoy one another. To laugh, goof off, be silly. To let our guard down.
  • Dreaming Together - To be joined with God and my neighbor is to believe there is a future worth dreaming about.

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