our mission

Communities and cultures are formed by the way we see and act toward our neighbors. When we view others with suspicion our values and practices will reflect that fear and result in dysfunctional communities and vulnerable people. We see this embodied in racism, socio-economic divisions, environmental abuse and corruption to name a few. But God is in the world reconciling it to Himself, joining our lives together in such a way that we become something new – a new humanity with a new heaven and a new earth.

Our mission is to build communities of peace and activate others for the life transforming work of reconciliation. We do this as a faithful response to God’s sole command of love, thus aligning ourselves with God’s Kingdom and purpose in the world of reconciliation and joining lives. While building communities of peace we are particularly attentive to the cultivation of culture and the development of the interactive tasks of environment (both built and given), church, work, family, and government. These communities of peace, also called flourishing or beloved communities, are distinctively marked by the inclusion and sharing of life with the most vulnerable and where practices and mindsets are developed and nourished that (1) witness to solidarity with all of God’s creation, (2) that are capable of suffering and sacrifice for the love of neighbor, and (3) offer resistance to the powers of idolatry, division and violence.

Since 1999, we have primarily served in places of distress where lives are manifestly divided or isolated. We partner with local stakeholders (including residents, churches, nonprofits, and community organizations) and provide community building facilitation (reconnect), training/education (rethink) and consulting/solutions (reimagine) emphasizing our uniquely holistic reconciliation ethos, contextual learning and community focus.

our values

We are reconcilers first, educators and facilitators second

We focus relentlessly on reconciliation as our defining vision

We understand reality as one continuous story, rather than discrete moments

We believe that collaborating across sectors, races and socio-economic backgrounds

is necessary to make a lasting impact

We honor place as we build community

We strive for personal, systemic and cultural transformation

We celebrate with, invest in and challenge one another

We learn, experiment and grow continuously

We share what we learn to challenge, inspire and activate others