cultivate cross-cultural & cross-sector relationships that accelerate belonging & flourishing

Connect with neighbors in Sweet Auburn
and fellow leaders in one of our networks

REMERGE intentionally builds community across sectors and social-divisions while creating, connecting and mobilizing networks that work together to strengthen communities.  

Place-based Community Building - Sweet Auburn

Community Building Studio

The Studio is a unique social hub in the heart of the historic Sweet Auburn neighborhood where an intentionally diverse group of dreamers and doers cultivate deep connections and meaningful collaborations that strengthen communities.

We are cultivating social-space where collaborative opportunities are facilitated that accelerate belonging & flourishing in local communities.

Studio Members receive access to the Community Building Studio for work and social space, the benefits of our accessREMERGE+ Membership, workshops to help build skills, practices and systems, and much more.

Sweet Auburn Friends

We facilitate the building of community by providing opportunities for residents and other stakeholders, especially the most vulnerable, to join together and learn how to be neighbors and friends.

Weekly opportunities include:

+ Women of Worth (W.O.W.) 

+ Bible Study – Tuesdays, we discuss current events, wrestling together to discern how Scripture helps us to think about these topics.

+ Creative Connections – Thursdays, a free art experience for neighbors from different walks of life to build transformative friendships by creating together.

+ Sweet Saturdays – Saturdays, a time to mingle with neighbors, relax with a cup of coffee, take in the latest art exhibit, or play a friendly game.

Sweet Auburn Community Museum

Housed within the Community Building Studio, the Museum explores themes impacting the flourishing of community in the historic Sweet Auburn neighborhood and the city of Atlanta. It promotes the joining of lives in diverse communities by learning from, inspiring and strengthening one another.

Free Admission to view current exhibits:
Museum Hours:
Thursday: 10-2
Saturday: 10-12

Creative Connections – Every Thursday from 10:30-12, our free art experience where neighbors from different walks of life build transformative friendships by creating together.

Community Building Networks

A community of networks, accessREMERGE brings together reconcilers, place-makers and culture-curators through an online platform and in-person events designed for deep connections and meaningful collaborations. 


accessREMERGE free  Direct access to a cross-sector community actively seeking to contribute to and accelerate diverse, connected and flourishing communities.

Make one-on-one connections with people like you who are doing extraordinary community building work.

Participate in topical conversations curated to foster meaningful insights and helpful solutions.

Be one of the first to learn about upcoming events and workshops.

accessREMERGE+  Free Membership benefits plus your choice of an exclusive professional or interest aligned “Member Network” that best fits your needs.

Engage in free in-person monthly events including: 

  • Coffee Break – inspiring conversations with community builders 
  • Connections – a no-work networking event
  • Creative Insights – collaborative problem solving events.

ColorATL is a community of creatives intentionally shaping place and culture through the arts. We facilitate social connections that positively impact a community’s quality of life.

+ Artist Support – Through our online network and events, we help artists connect with each other, provide space to relax with one another and learn from one another.

+ The Atlanta-Based Adult Coloring Book – Created exclusively by Atlanta-based artists, we help the city connect with the local arts community and experience the benefits of creative action. The backbone of The Coloring Book is our 1-to-1 model: For every coloring book purchased, we deliver a free copy to someone at our partnering organizations.

+ Community and Event Activation – We lead art-centered community-building programs and events as well as facilitate collaborative community-created art installations.

Members receive the benefits of our accessREMERGE+ Membership including curated programming to help create cross-sector relationships and increase collaboration.

cor circle 2

The Community of Reconcilers is a group of like minded Christians committed to the life and work of reconciliation manifested in the hard work of joining lives across racial, cultural and economic divides.

Reconciliation is when our lives are joined together in such a way that I don’t become like you and you don’t become like me, but rather something new is created.

We believe that there are certain indicators when reconciliation takes place:  

1. Collaboration (Rom 12:4, 5). 

2. Inclusion of the most vulnerable (1 Cor 12:22–26). 

3. Diversity of the community (Eph 2:14).  

4. Reciprocated participation of all members (1 Cor 12:4–7). 

5. Changed ways of living (Eph 6:12). 

The shorthand is simple: our lives have been and are being indissolubly joined together in Christ, they should look that way. (Joining Lives: A Primer on the Ministry of Reconciliation

Members receive the benefits of our accessREMERGE+ Membership including curated programming to help create cross-sector relationships and increase collaboration.

The Giving Grace network serves individuals in our communities with acute needs that threaten displacement and the loss of meaningful community. In addition, it supports our ongoing community building programs while inviting the broader Atlanta community to participate in the work of reconciliation.

Giving Grace has four primary tasks:

+ Respond to immediate emergency needs as they present themselves.

+ In cooperation with those we serve, help create and support a sustainability plan moving beyond the emergency need.

+ Provide financial and human capital to support our ongoing missional work.

+ Connect persons across social and economic divisions.