cultivate relationships that accelerate belonging & flourishing

REMERGE accelerates belonging and flourishing in Sweet Auburn & metro-Atlanta by building connections and collaborations with local partners and affiliates who work together to strengthen community.

Community Building Studio

The Studio is a unique social hub in the heart of the historic Sweet Auburn neighborhood where an intentionally diverse group of dreamers and doers cultivate deep connections and meaningful collaborations that strengthen communities.


Sweet Auburn Community Museum

Exploring themes impacting the flourishing of the historic Sweet Auburn neighborhood and the city of Atlanta we promote the joining of lives in diverse communities in order to learn from, inspire and strengthen one another.

Giving Grace

The Giving Grace network primarily serves persons in our communities that have acute needs which threaten them with displacement and the loss of meaningful connections. 

Sweet Auburn Friends

We facilitate the building of community by providing opportunities for residents and other stakeholders, especially the most vulnerable, to join together and learn how to be neighbors and friends.


ColorATL is an expansive community of creatives intentionally shaping place and culture through the arts. We facilitate social connections in the arts community; and between artists and communities to positively impact neighborhood and city life.

Community of Reconcilers

The Community of Reconcilers is a group of like-minded Christians from multiple sectors committed to the life and work of reconciliation manifested in the hard work of joining lives across racial, cultural, and economic divides.