Our COVID-19 Response

Direct Assistance – We have redoubled our efforts to provide emergency relief – such as rent, utilities and grocery – for our most vulnerable neighbors. The goal is to ensure they can maintain a healthy, secure presence in the community.  We are also putting together a long term strategy to meet future needs as the virus spreads and potentially produces a second wave. You can donate here to our Giving Grace program to help us stay in front of this.  To date we have delivered over $925,000 in direct assistance. 

Coloring Pages – Every week, to provide creative stress-relief wherever you are, we will have fresh coloring pages for you to download or print and bring color to your life.

Coloring Books – We are donating coloring books to hospitals, health centers and isolated communities that could benefit from some healing creativity. If you know an institution that would like to receive complimentary books please email us ATLcoloringbook@gmail.com. If you would like to donate to help with our expenses click this link.

  To date we have donated over 1,000 coloring books to:
  • Atlanta Medical Center
  • Grady Hospital
  • Northside Hospital
  • Brenan Towers
  • YouthSpark at the Juvenile Detention Center
  • Legacy at Vine City Senior Center
  • Wheat Street Towers
  • Big Bethel Apartments

Outreach – After the virus began and the REMERGE studio closed for programs, we started to safely perform well-checks on our friends experiencing homelessness, sharing food, supplies and information. We have assisted our neighbors with specific interventions to help with challenges and we shifted our studio to a preparation space where we assemble sack meals and basic supplies for those experiencing homelessness. We are now partnering with Motivation Forward, the Gateway CenterIntown Collaborative Ministries and Safehouse Outreach to distribute those meals efficiently. Currently, we have provided over 3,500 meals, and countless resources and personal supplies as well as assistance with housing and other services. You can donate here to help us continue this effort for as long as it takes.

Virtual Gatherings – we are hosting and participating in various virtual gatherings. Our hope is to be able to shrink the social-distance we are all experiencing as we practice physical-distancing. Stay tuned to our calendar and social media for opportunities to join together for ColorATL Creative Connections, the Community of Reconcilers “coffee breaks”, and other meaningful conversation, encouragement and support.