Immersion Experience: A Mission Trip Alternative

1-day, 3-day and 6-day options

“Instead of trying to fix strangers, or invade someone else’s neighborhood, we think the Gospel is moving us to listen to and join lives with strangers; to become neighbors and friends where we work together toward community, justice and reconciliation.” 

Andy Odle, Director of REMERGE

6-day Experience – $350 per person (includes housing and meals)

1-day & 3-day Experiences – Inquire about availability & custom details


Rather than “fix” the poor or pop in-and-out for a work project, we invite you into community to learn with and from those living on the margins. Immersion Experiences are intense crash courses in joining lives. Learn mindsets and practical skills for developing reciprocal relationships and engaging in the practical work of reconciliation. This experiential learning opportunity will also guide you in developing an action plan for transforming your own community. 

  • Participate in the ongoing work of REMERGE and our partners.
  • Build relationships with community members.
  • Develop an understanding of poverty, reconciliation and community building.
  • Reflect on how God is shaping you and your team through the experience.
  • Create with your team an action plan for your community to accomplish upon your return.