We are on the frontline and cutting edge of building community where everyone is welcome, belongs and discovers their gifts of service. We help bring together neighborhood stakeholders to dream and act together. We assist in developing practices and strategies that join neighbors in community. And we make certain that the most vulnerable of the neighborhood are included as stakeholders and do not fall out of the community due to poverty, disability or shame. To help us understand if we are making our desired impact we gauge the breadth and diversity of engaged stakeholders, we track four categories of assistance where we help maintain the participation of vulnerable stakeholders, and we listen to the stories of lives that are being shared across social and economic divides.


It’s easy to do good. It’s hard to be reconciled with someone radically different than you. But if reconciliation is happening then we will see a breadth and diversity of engaged stakeholders. This will suggest that we are working together for the common good, welcoming the voice of the outcast, tearing down dividing walls, giving and receiving gifts of service, and providing witness that the ways and cultures of the world are beginning to be changed.


Many of our most vulnerable neighbors are in danger of being cast out from participation in community by the effects of financial poverty, such as an inability to maintain a livable residence or the shame one often feels in our culture when struggling to make ends meet. There are four consistent immediate challenges we find many of our neighbors face: paying rent, keeping up with utilities, having enough food, and childcare when they need to be at work. If we have the ability to help one of our neighbors when meaningful challenges occur we do so by helping to discover creative ways to meet their need, offering direct assistance or micro-loans, and/or developing strategies to avoid such challenges in the future. We are often asked how we know if someone is a neighbor: we simply look and see if folks are willing to rejoice and suffer together, if they contribute and share their gifts with one another and for the common good.


In addition to being story tellers, we are story collectors. If reconciliation is happening then there will be compelling stories of what that joining and transformation of lives looks like. We spend a significant amount of time simply listening to each other’s stories, hearing of God’s faithfulness and how we have been changed in mindset and actions.

We look forward to partnering with you at our community building studio and museum.

Andy Odle

Executive Director of REMERGE