The Sweet Auburn Community Museum

Housed within the REMERGE Community Building Studio, the Museum explores themes impacting the flourishing of community in the historic Sweet Auburn neighborhood and the city of Atlanta. It promotes the joining of lives in diverse communities by learning from, inspiring and strengthening one another.

Current Exhibit:

Home: An Exploration with Grace Kisa

Join us to view a Grace Kisa led mixed-media community collaboration based on the theme of home, making a place of peace for ourselves, and then building communities of diversity, equity, inclusion and cooperation.  The exhibit also includes pieces from Grace’s personal collection that are available for purchase.

Grace Kisa was born in Nairobi, Kenya. Her father’s profession as an economist afforded her family the opportunity to travel and live in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, McLean, Virginia, Toronto, Canada, then Gaborone, Botswana before she came to Atlanta to pursue a degree in Art from the Art Institute in Atlanta. Grace Kisa currently lives in Lawrenceville, Georgia where she makes a living as an artist.




The Sweet Auburn Community Museum is housed within the REMERGE Community Building and Design Studio at 340 Auburn Avenue.

Free Admission

Museum Hours:
Thursday: 10-2
Saturday: 10-12

Creative Connections

Every Thursday  10:30-12

Free Experience

We connect local artists, residents and marginalized community members, constantly observing how the creative process decreases stress, anxiety, and despair – and cultivates peace, joy, hope and connection.