The Sweet Auburn Community Museum

Housed within the REMERGE Community Building Studio, the Museum explores themes impacting the flourishing of community in the historic Sweet Auburn neighborhood and the city of Atlanta. It promotes the joining of lives in diverse communities by learning from, inspiring and strengthening one another.

Our Current Exhibit:

Sweet Auburn Perspectives

Christa David

Fabian Williams


Zipporah Camille Thompson


Shanequa Gay




The Sweet Auburn Community Museum is housed within the REMERGE Community Building and Design Studio at 340 Auburn Avenue.

Free Admission

Museum Hours:
Thursday: 10-2
Saturday: 10-12

Creative Connections

Every Thursday  10:30-12

Free Experience

We connect local artists, residents and marginalized community members, constantly observing how the creative process decreases stress, anxiety, and despair – and cultivates peace, joy, hope and connection.