rethink: Training & Education

We lead and host experiential learning opportunities that equip you and your team to make a lasting impact in your community.

Core Courses and Workshops 

Experiential learning opportunities led by the REMERGE team.

The Reconciler's Imagination

The Reconciler’s Imagination helps your team see the world holistically, think like a reconciler, and act to make a faithful, lasting impact in your community. This half-day workshop will help you align your purpose and activities in the pursuit of reconciliation and innovative, collaborative community building.

  • Develop a theological framework for understanding community
  • Learn about your role in reconciliation and community building
  • Dive into the 5 Indicators of Reconciliation to clarify your outcomes
  • Use design and systems thinking to create a quick plan with practical steps to jump-start impact in your context

Schedule a workshop for your nonprofit, church or organization.

Immersion Experiences: A Mission Trip Alternative

Rather than “fix” the poor, we invite you into community to learn with and from those living on the margins. Immersion Experiences are intense crash courses in joining lives. Learn mindsets and practical skills for developing reciprocal relationships and engaging in the practical work of reconciliation. This experiential learning opportunity will also guide you in developing an action plan for transforming your own community. 

REMERGE offers Youth, College and Leadership immersion experiences over a three-day or week-long duration. If you are ready to have a life-changing experience Apply Here or watch a short video.

Dignity Serves

Dignity Serves is a paradigm-shifting, deeply impactful experience that teaches how to both serve and be served with dignity in every aspect of life. This workshop will help you serve others more effectively, using interactive exercises and real-world examples to help you apply key insights to your personal lives and to the programs you take part in. Schedule a workshop for your church or nonprofit.

The Reconciler's Playbook

Learn to engage in innovative and effective community building like we do at REMERGE. After 20 years in the trenches and learning from great thinkers and practitioners around the world, we have assembled our strategies and theological imagination into The Reconciler’s Playbook. Integrating placemaking, design and systems thinking, and culture curation, we share with you our mindsets, methods and tools so you can foster change and increase lasting impact in your community.

  • Develop a Reconciler’s Imagination
  • Learn a holistic theological framework of community and core community-building strategies
  • Create innovative solutions to real challenges
  • Build models and strategies for lasting impact
We offer The Reconciler’s Playbook as a three week full-time course in the summers and an eight week part-time course in the fall. Contact us for more information.

Events and Opportunities

The Reconciliation And Justice Academy

We want to go deeper. But we want to go deeper in concert with those who are typically left out. At The Reconciliation and Justice Academy you will join together in community with the most vulnerable to learn, reflect and share together about concrete ways God is reconciling the world to Himself. But not only that, we also want to go more in-depth than you might go at a more traditional convention. So you will participate in tracks led by veterans in the respective fields. Each track may include teaching, testimony, group sharing, round-table discussions, site visits, etc. Although each track will have a specific convener, they will bring in various other voices to provide the richest experience possible.


REMERGE offers internships and fellowships. As an intern/fellow you will experience a challenging and rigorous time of learning and growth through exploring life in community with the vulnerable, participating in hands-on work, and theological reflection. You will receive a thorough orientation and training process to acclimatize you to the culture and to familiarize you with the communities, ethos and work of REMERGE. You will live and work in diverse communities alongside the poor and homeless, at-risk youth, and women and men being trafficked. You will also be exposed to the administrative, strategic and organizational side of running a non-profit. In addition, you will read books and articles, complete reflection and writing assignments, and be fully immersed in our innovative design philosophy.

We look forward to seeing you at our community building and design studio.

Andy Odle

Executive Director of REMERGE