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To grow flourishing communities

Learn with the REMERGE Community

Learning Opportunities

Schedule an educational or training experience for your team or group.

Rather than “fix” the poor, we invite you into our community to learn with and from those living on the margins. Develop mindsets and practical skills for building reciprocal relationships and engaging in the work of reconciliation. This experiential learning opportunity will also guide you in creating an action plan for transforming your own community. We offer youth, college and leadership experiences over 1-day, 3-day or 6-day durations.

Learn to engage in innovative and effective community building like we do at REMERGE. After 20 years in the trenches and learning from great thinkers and practitioners around the world, we have assembled our strategies and theological imagination into The Reconciler’s Playbook. Integrating placemaking, design and systems thinking, and culture curation, we share with you our mindsets, methods and tools so you can foster change and increase lasting impact in your community.


The Reconciler’s Imagination helps your team to see the world holistically and relationally, think through the lens of a reconciler, and act to make a lasting impact in your community. This half-day workshop will help you align your purpose with your activities as you pursue collaborative community building.

Our creative team dives in alongside your team and leads you through a rapid design and systems thinking process. We will help align your team and creatively solve challenges, jump-start a new program, or help get you through a sticking point in a current program, strategy or business model. We will help frame your challenge, produce helpful insights, generate a multitude of possible solutions, and prototype one promising idea with an experiment to test immediately. 

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Skills Workshops

We offer rotating workshops to help you build the skills and learn the tools to execute more effectively on your mission.

Workshops include:

  • Strategy At A Glance
  • Business Model Canvas
  • Logic Models
  • Impact Matrix

Check our calendar for upcoming workshops.