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Free accessREMERGE Membership: 

accessREMERGE is a virtual studio for multiple networks and groups, and a hub that fosters cross-network connections, conversations and collaborations all in one simple online platform. Free memberships are where everyone can belong and participate without barrier! 

How it works: The network functions on two levels: (1) sector specific groups and (2) an all encompassing cross-sector group. This allows members to take part in conversations and collaborative problem solving, to connect with other members across the country, to learn about important events and to share your experience and wisdom. 


  • Direct access to a cross-sector and discipline specific networks of people who are actively seeking to contribute to and accelerate diverse, connected and flourishing communities.
  • Make one-on-one connections with people like you who are doing extraordinary community building work. You can search for individual members or for groups of others with a particular role or vocation.
  • Engage in topical conversations organized and curated to foster meaningful insights and helpful solutions.
  • Be one of the first to learn about upcoming events and workshops that incite effectiveness, creativity and collaboration.
  • Activate your membership month-to-month.

accessREMERGE Network+ Membership: 

Upgrade to a $9.99 monthly Network+ account which includes the features of the free membership plus these other exclusive benefits:

Engage in free in-person monthly events at our Community Studio including: 

  • Coffee Break – inspiring conversations with other community builders. 
  • Connections – a no-work networking event (we provide the party, you follow the one rule — no work). 
  • Creative Insights – collaborative problem solving events.

Community Studio Membership:

Upgrade to our $74.99 monthly Community Studio membership. The Studio is a unique social hub in the heart of the historic Sweet Auburn neighborhood, where an intentionally diverse group of dreamers and doers cultivate deep connections and meaningful collaborations that strengthen communities. The Studio is a place to meet new and old friends, read a book, create something interesting or even send an email, have a meeting or attend an event.  Because space is limited, schedule a tour to view the Studio and learn more about membership and availability. 

 The Studio membership includes all the above membership features, plus everything you need to increase your impact while keeping your sanity:

  • Monday-Friday business hour access to the Community Studio
  • Engage with the entire accessREMERGE Network+ community.
  • Participate with any of the weekly community programs held at the Studio.
  • Use the conference room.
  • Take advantage of daily storage.
  • Use our especially curated library.
  • Participate for free in REMERGE workshops to build your skills, mindsets, business and brand.
  • Engage in member-led small groups.
  • Relax on the outdoor patio.
  • Enjoy unlimited coffee, tea, water and snacks.
  • Free wi-fi.
  • Receive discounts on rental space.
  • Feel good knowing that your membership helps us provide a scholarship for another community-builder who couldn’t otherwise afford to join.