We live in precarious times and are seeking to make a lasting impact through immediate solutions. But in our haste we often make decisions to fix problems and persons, forgetting that we are not called to fix but rather to reconcile. In this wide-ranging collection of essays we explore what it might look like if we were to live in the world first with the purpose of reconciling and then allow that vision to guide our actions. Each essay engages with reconciliation in different contexts, providing meaningful and potentially transformative insights that will lead the reader to more faithful lives and activities. The essays are not filled with theoretical reflections but with hard-earned wisdom from proven thinkers, practitioners, and innovators. (Eugene: Cascade Books, 2017)

Edited by Dr. Andy Odle of REMERGE, contributors include Rev. Dr. Bruce Beard, Dr. Brian Brock, Stephanie Brock, Dr. Shawn Duncan, Rev. Dr. Catherine Gilliard, Katheryn Wilson Heinz, Rev. Dr. Kimberly Majeski, William Massey, Rev. Dr. Andy Odle, Cherie Ong, Rev. Jim Wehner, and Donell Q. Woodson.

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“In Joining Lives, a canon of imaginative theological practitioners bring to life time-tested ideas through embodied sacrifice–that’s what gives this handy book such credibility, that the words were first written though the daring love of those who then were able to pen them. It’s rare to find such a committed group of SHEroes and heroes fighting for the ‘new we.’ Joining Lives is their testament of reconciliation, and an invitation for the rest of us to join in.”

               – Christopher L. Heuertz
                Founding Partner of Gravity, a Center for Contemplative Activism
                Author of The Sacred Enneagram: Finding Your Unique Path to Spiritual Growth


Children’s Book


Dunk and Quiet is a story of two souls, both feeling very unwanted, discovering an unlikely friend in each other. It was written and illustrated over the span of a month by a group of friends, some of whom have homes and some of whom do not, who gather together to join lives over art.

Profits from the sale of this book will go to support the programs of REMERGE.

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Adult Coloring Book

ColorATL: The Atlanta-Based Adult Coloring Book

Our coloring books are designed to allow people to intimately connect with local art while experiencing the benefits of creative activity. With all the breakthrough we constantly see with therapeutic arts, the biggest hurdle remains: many self-proclaimed “non-artists” stare at a blank canvas and feel intimidated to begin. This is why adult coloring books are so awesome: they provide an overall structure, yet allow for personal freedom within. Which is proven to be healthy for the mind and spirit.

The backbone of The ColorATL Coloring Book is our 1-to-1 model:

For every coloring book purchased, we deliver a free copy to someone at our local, partnering health and social impact organizations.

We believe those those in difficult circumstances deserve access to the therapeutic benefits of creative activity.

In October 2016, ColorATL released its inaugural coloring book featuring 44 of Atlanta’s best artists. We have now released a second volume. Both volumes are available for purchase.

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