ColorATL is an expansive community of creatives intentionally shaping place and culture through the arts. We facilitate social connections both within the arts community and between local artists and communities to positively impact life in metro Atlanta through creative activity. 


ColorATL coloring books exist for the community of Atlanta to intimately connect with local art while experiencing the benefits of creative activity.

Since 2016, we have collaborated with 105 local artists to provide coloring books overflowing with home-grown artwork.

We believe everyone should have access to the stress-relieving, therapeutic benefits of creativity. Our books have helped provide peace to those in hardship and brought people together throughout Atlanta.

Volume 2: 2017

Alex Laney – Andrew Catanese – Angie Jerez – Austin Blue – Blake Borowski – Brooke Powell – Catlanta – Charmaine Minniefield – Christine Nishiyama – Daniel Byrd – Dustin Cramer – Erin Palovick – Fabian Williams – Fahamu Pecou – Foxyswine – HENSE – Ill.Des – Janice Rago – JEL – Jeremy Brown – Joe Dreher – Josh LaFayette – Katherine Stockton – Katlin Shae – Killamari – Lindsay Ryden – Manty Dey – Maxwell Sebastian – Monica Alexander – Niki Zarrabi – Noosh – Rachel Eleanor – Sara Lehtman – Sarah Emerson – Scott Silvey – Shanequa Gay – Stenvik Mostrom – Tiffany Charesse – Tiny Doors ATL – Tori Tinsley – Travis Smith – Willis Norman  

Juneteenth Edition: 2021

Andrew Williams “AW” – Antoneisha / Ashay – Ariel Danielle – Ashley Dopson – Charly Palmer – Christa David – C. Flux Sing – Courtney Brooks – Dr. Fahamu Pecou – Erbriyon Barrett “Cloud Cruiser” – Grace Kisa – Jamaal Barber – Jasmine Nicole Williams – Maurice Evans – Melissa A. Mitchell – Neka King “NNEKKA” – Sachi Rome – Sean Fahie – Yuzly Mathurin

This was a collaboration with Power Haus Creative

Asian American Edition:2022

Artists: Andrew Blooms; Christina Kwan; Crystal Jin Kim;  Diana Settles; Edward Sun; Hufsa Zia; Jonny Warren; Joy Zhang;  Killamari; Kim Nguyen; Leah Abucayan; Mariah Zia; Nicole Kang; Ahn Pui Tam; Sanithna Phansavanh;  The Creative Folks

Writers: Gina Yu; Jessie Lian; Mila Konomos

This was a collaboration with the Asian-American Advocacy Fund

We connect the greater Atlanta community with local artists and therapeutic arts, while also acting as a resource and conduit to connective opportunities for our network of Atlanta-based artists.

1:1 Giving

When you support Color ATL, you support our mission by celebrating our incredible local artists – that’s 105 artists across our 3 publications. We work within a 1-to-1 model which means: for every coloring book purchased, we deliver a free copy to someone at our local partnering health and social impact organizations. Because of your purchase, a person experiencing hardship around Atlanta will have access to healing and joy through creativity. To date, we have donated over 1,000 coloring books to our partnering organizations.

Donation Recipients

The Dream Center, The Gateway Center, Emory Winship Cancer Institute, ChopArt, PaintLove, Mercy Care, Peachford Hospital, Piedmont Hospital, Scottish Rite, AGRhodes Health and Rehab, Formation Counseling, Summit Counseling, Children’s Miracle Network, Egelston, Kid in All of Us, YouthSpark, The Frazier Center, PaintLove, Grady Hospital

Community Partners