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REMERGE partners with leading organizations to explore the edges of social practices, assumptions and institutions by pressing to understand where culture, environment, business, church, family and government intersect to join lives and produce flourishing for all.

REIMAGINE PROJECTS are where we experiment and envision what could be. They’re the sharp edge of a reconciler’s imagination where we continuously deep-dive into how God’s reconciling work shapes the world.

Sweet Auburn Services

Creative Placemaking

Arts-driven community program and event activation, collaborative community-created art installations

Community Building

Community engagement, systems mapping, service and program design, theory of change, and movement building

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Solution Sprints

We can help you jump-start a new program, rethink a challenge, or get through a sticking point in a current program, strategy or business model.

Entrepreneur Support

Our workshops and bootcamps offer highly personalized support for individuals starting or scaling small businesses or neighborhood initiatives. 

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