Giving Grace

Helping neighbors to help neighbors

In 2012 a volunteer had a simple but profound idea. “What if I rallied my friends and friends-of-friends to respond directly to the needs of a particular individual that I’m meeting in this community?”  Instead of raising money or an in-kind gift for an impersonal homeless person or single-mother with a generic need, Christy started to ask her friends to help a particular friend of hers with a particular need.  With that spark, Giving Grace was born. And to this day that “spark” of personal connection and personal response remains the center-piece of Giving Grace.

COVID-19 Response

From the outset of the pandemic the REMERGE family has stepped up to do our part in serving our neighbors, especially our most vulnerable neighbors, who are hit the hardest during this unprecedented time.  Click here for a snapshot into our total response.

Since the beginning of COVID-19, Giving Grace has dispersed over $400,000 in direct services for the most vulnerable.

  • More than 52 families assisted with rent and utility needs.
  • More than 163 families & individuals assisted with groceries & health-care related supplies.
  • Over 2,000 meals supplied for persons experiencing homelessness.

Our Grace-filled Approach

The Giving Grace network primarily serves persons in our communities that have acute needs which threaten them with displacement and the loss of meaningful connections. The goal is to ensure they can maintain a healthy, secure presence in the community to give them the best chance of success moving forward. Our efforts are geared toward single-parent families, persons experiencing homelessness, and the extremely poor. Our approach is simple:

  • The network provides financial or in-kind assistance for members of the community facing acute emergency needs.
  • A support and sustainability plan is created with the community-member to help move them beyond the need. 
  • Network members and/or staff continue to walk alongside the community-member to offer support and encouragement.

In the News

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

How a little bit of grace is keeping families off the streets

After nearly 10 years of teaching preschool, Christy Carr Betz discovered her passion. That’s always a good thing. But what’s really impressive about Betz is she was willing to put her upper-middle-class existence on hold to walk alongside those with whom more and more of society just can’t be bothered.  Read more.