The REMERGE Institute

The REMERGE Institute for Communities of Peace provides formative learning experiences where students translate Christian thinking into community-centered action. We serve Christian education institutions, churches, and individuals by exploring current critical issues through the lens of reconciliation to build communities of peace. 

Check out our experiential (in-person) learning opportunities:


Community Impact in the City

5 weeks total: 2 weeks in-person in Atlanta

3 credit hour intensive course

Learn a holistic theology of reconciliation, practical tools, and human-centered design processes while creating real solutions to actual real-life challenges.


Community Impact Sprint

2-day intensive sprint

In this abbreviated version of our core course on community building you will learn a holistic theology of reconciliation, practical tools, and human-centered design processes while prototyping real solutions to actual real-life challenges in your community.


The Reconciler's Playbook

3 weeks total: 1 week in-person in Atlanta

Integrating placemaking, design thinking, and culture curation, we share with you mindsets, methods and tools to foster change in your community.



The Reconciler's Imagination

4-Hour Workshop 

Align your purpose and activities in the pursuit of reconciliation and innovative, collaborative community-centered solutions.


Neighboring the Vulnerable

4-Hour Workshop

Learn how to understand poverty through a lens of practical theology, gain the mindsets of engagement with vulnerable neighbors, and begin to build a strategy for building meaningful relationships.

Playbook Tools

2-Hour Workshop

Through these one-off workshops, we take you on a deep-dive into the different tools used by Remerge to design our various solutions and strategies. 

Immersion Experience

Deep-dive: A Service Learning Trip

Deep-dive is a unique mission trip alternative. Rather than “fix” the poor or pop in-and-out for a work project, we invite you into community to learn with and from those living on the margins. Deep-dive is an intense crash course in joining lives. Learn mindsets and practical skills for developing reciprocal relationships and engaging in the practical work of reconciliation. This experiential learning opportunity will also guide you in developing an action plan for engaging your own community. This experience is perfect for senior-high youth and college students.

1, 3 and 5-day

Sweet Auburn Tour

We offer walking tours of Sweet Auburn with a specific emphasis on the history of the neighborhood, the effects of built infrastructure on culture and community, and a perspective towards reconciliation. This tour is targeted towards organizations, entities, or groups seeking to learn from the neighborhood. The tour can be customized according to your organization’s specific interest and time constraints / physical capacity. We recommend allocating 2 hours and wearing comfortable walking shoes!  

You want your faith to make a positive difference in the place you serve. Where do you get the intellectual and practical tools to make a lasting impact? This course is designed as an answer to that question.

We begin with a practical theology of reconciliation that illumines strategies for community engagement and collaborative solution design. However, this is just the beginning, students will then gain experience in applying the learning to current, real world challenges being addressed in the Sweet Auburn neighborhood and across Atlanta.

Two weeks of field experiences in Atlanta, GA, are preceded by assigned reading and class discussion. The May session will focus on homelessness, race and economic development.

This course can be taken as general education or for credit through Anderson University.

2 Hour

Walking Tour