The Reconciler's Imagination

4-Hour Workshop

“We need to be able to understand, in specific and concrete ways, how God is reconciling the world and building communities so that we can have a framework to make faithful, holistic and creative decisions, rather than a bunch of random, disconnected ideas.”

– Andy Odle, Director of REMERGE



The Reconciler’s Imagination helps your team see the world holistically, think like a reconciler, and act to make a faithful, lasting impact in your community. This half-day workshop will help you align your purpose and activities in the pursuit of reconciliation and innovative, collaborative community building.

  • Develop a theological framework for understanding community
  • Learn about your role in reconciliation and community building
  • Dive into the 5 Indicators of Reconciliation to clarify your outcomes
  • Use design and systems thinking to create a quick plan with practical steps to jump-start impact in your context