365 days a year the homeless are left on the streets lonely, isolated and exposed.(approximately 14,000 in Atlanta)

365 days a year the mentally ill are abandoned to their own suffering.                         (1/3 of homeless persons are seriously mentally ill)

365 days a year women, men and children are sexually exploited.                              (100 minor girls every night in Georgia)

For the next 365 days we are asking you to join us to help heal the wounds of those broken and devastated. We are asking you to help us live the love of Christ with our most vulnerable neighbors. Join our campaign to raise $1000 every day for the next 365 days to help end the hopelessness, suffering and exploitation of those the world reckons invisible.

365×1000: Because Serving the Vulnerable Never Takes a Day Off

You can sponsor 1 day by pledging $2.75 per day. Think of it as buying those who suffer a cup of coffee. Or you can pledge $20 per week. Or $85 per month. Any of these ways of thinking about it gets you to a 1 day sponsorship.

Some of you can sponsor more than 1 day and we do not want to limit what the Lord has graced you to give. Maybe you can do 2 days, a week, or even a month. Maybe you cannot do a whole day but you still want to give what the Lord has graced you with to give. However you are able, you can help provide hope, healing and home for the poor, trafficked, homeless and forgotten.

Donate in one lump sum or set up your monthly pledge here.

On November 15th we will be hosting a luncheon from 12-2pm. We would love for you to join us to hear about the many ways God is using and growing our intentional Christian community to transform lives. RSVP here.

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