After posting about my encounter with Fred I received this email from our friend Allison.  She was a member of our community when she attended Georgia Tech.  She has since moved away to begin a career with NASA.

This really is awesome, and I’m glad that Church on the Street is still somewhere where people feel safe, included, and at ease. I know it was there for me when I needed to get away from the stress and constant busyness of schoolwork at Georgia Tech. It really did bring me closer to God, being there. I had the space to think. Everyone was so nice to me when I went to the lunches, even though at first I thought I was supposed to be there as a volunteer or something like I had been at the other shelters where Campus Christian Fellowship (CCF) had volunteered. I learned after about my third time there though, that I didn’t have to put in any more or less work than any other person there eating lunch. We were all working together, and all chilling out together. I started going whenever I needed a break from campus, even when no one else from CCF was there. Thank you for the wonderful home cooking and the bible studies and the stories. I’ll never forget Church on the Street. 

Your friend, 



Thanks Allison.  We’ll never forget you either.

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