In Atlanta there is an estimated annual revenue of $290 million made from the sex trade, surpassing Miami as the #1 illegal sex trafficking market in the U.S. In fact, from 2003-2007 Atlanta and Seattle are the only major cities profiled in the Urban Institute’s latest report where sexual exploitation grew. To give some perspective to the enormity of Atlanta’s illegal market it is worth noting that Seattle, the third largest American market, is estimated to have an annual revenue of $112 million, which is less than half of Atlanta’s annual revenue.

In Georgia, there is an estimated 7,200 men who pay for 8,700 sex acts per month with minor females. This is around 300 acts per day. With an average of 100 minor girls being prostituted daily, every girl is being exploited 3 times each night.

Although solicitation through the internet is rapidly growing, street demand remains high throughout the country, especially in Atlanta. For the men, women and minor girls and boys being exploited in our neighborhood, prostitution is closely related to drugs and drug addiction. Whereas other women and girls can garner anywhere from $50 to $450 per john depending on the age, act and duration, those in the drug related trade can only hope for $10 to $50 per john while still expected to bring in a quota of $100-$150 each night from their pimp, “handler,” or “manager.” These unrealistic demands make violence against these slaves even more prevalent than under other conditions.

The exploitation of the transgendered population and minor boys in and around our neighborhood is also rampant. We have little more than anecdotal information about these populations because, as one Atlanta law enforcement member mentioned, there is little interest and no money for these boys.

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