IRAQ (Photo credit: redheadnana4two)


The longer I’m at Church on the Street the more I see the true meaning of spiritual warfare.  There is a true war going on for the hearts, souls and lives of those the are living on the street.  Think of them as the walking wounded.  Living in this condition exposes these men and women to every scheme of the enemy on a daily basis.  In order for any one of them to make it off  of the street there are battles that must be won.


Many of them fight with addictions of various sorts.  Some fight mental battles, regrets from the past, feelings of hopelessness and unworthiness.  Some have believed the lie that there is just no hope for them.  Most have had their eyes blinded to Jesus.


There are days when we feel like we are losing the battle.  The walking wounded greatly outnumber the workers and resources.  But we keep fighting because this is what Jesus has called us to do.  As in any war situation, some are on the front lines and some are in support roles.  Each are vital and necessary for victory.  Unfortunately, it’s easy to forget about the war with so many distractions around on a daily basis.  If you’re reading this, my prayer is that God will give you eyes to see where you are needed and a heart and courage to go, whether it be on the front lines or in support.




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