Another great day at Church on the Street.  It’s actually so peaceful around here today that there’s not much to write.  If you search for us on Youtube you’ll find our latest report from the street that was published today.

It’s hard to keep up with all of the things that could be reported in blog.  The lunch changes have been phenomenal!  I guess I should have had more faith, but I never dreamed that the meal times here could be so peaceful.

We had a couple of new guests in today that want to get involved with the ministry.  We have invited them first to just keep coming back as guest for a short time, and then we can see where they truly fit in the community.  We want people to be our guest first and then come and serve and be part of the community.  Be part of God‘s bigger plan.

A new weekly report video has gone onto youtube today and the Facebook Fanpage.  Hopefully you can help us by viewing, liking and sharing the video.  Have a great week and please keep us in the prayers.  Ask God how he may want to you join us in His mission.

p.s. the picture in this post is from a carwash we did in the summer.


Director of Operations

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