We believe in a living, active God. This is the only way that what we do has any logic and it is thus central to who we are.  We recently announced a new ministry, Retreat from the Street.  The ministry is in essence a holy space, set apart from the everyday, where men and women in precarious living conditions can escape the chaos, loneliness and hopelessness that is ubiquitous on the streets. It is a space where one can find peace and quiet – where one can reflect and think.  It is a place to pray either privately or corporately and engage in private or corporate Bible study. It is a place where one is accepted and taken seriously as God’s beloved.  It is not a social service, it is a place where distractions are removed and God can be heard.


George started showing up about two months ago.  He would sit back by himself.  Soon he started asking questions. After receiving encouragement and prayer he began to take responsibility for his life and place in the community.  He is now 46 days clean and on his way into supportive housing.

Rachel struggles mentally. She can function on her own, but not to a high degree. She survives on government assistance. Since coming to Retreat she has become central to the life of our community.  She looks after the food service bar and has begun volunteering with the other ministries offered by Church on the Street.  She will soon be entering a vo-tech rehabilitation program offered by the Department of Labor.

These stories and others are not new to you if you keep up with us on facebook.  We are daily sharing the stories of God’s great work with the least of our brothers and sisters. But we cannot keep it up alone. We need your help today! Not only do we need the prayers of the church, we also need the resources of the church. We are a witness to God’s miracles everyday. Help us to continue this work. I encourage you, your church or business to become regular financial partners in this life changing ministry by sharing $100, $50, $20 or more each month. Help to bless and maybe even save a life that you may never meet this side of Heaven.

Whether you give online or through a check please write “Retreat” in the memo or question section.  Church on the Street will internally designate these funds.

With great thanks,
Pastor Andy

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