There was no healing at the pool of Bethesda until one was willing to step into the TROUBLED water (John 5:1-9). This morning DJ was very troubled and came in to Retreat like a tornado. I stepped directly into his trouble, spoke with him briefly then walked away.  After a few minutes he came back and apologized for his behavior.  He said that something we had talked about in Bible Study came to mind and he was sorry for acting that way. In our study we had talked about treating others as better than ourselves and forgiving others their trespasses as we are forgiven ours. He told me that he is more ready than ever to leave the streets and get back to his family and the life he once had.  And with that on his mind we made a plan.  After clearing up some issue with the court on Monday he will be leaving Atlanta to begin reconciling with his family. Thank you Lord for Your Word which is true and powerful in the changing of lives, Amen.

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