What’s Going On?

The following are highlights (recorded on facebook over the past month) of how God is transforming the lives of the least of our brothers and sisters…

 (Note: Church on the Street is not in the direct business of social services, we are in the business of reconciliation.  Thus, what God is doing in our friend’s lives has little to do with our efforts.)

About a month with us was all it took for DJ to desire to return to S. Georgia to be with his family. He has been a stalwart in this community and we are very thankful for his participation. We are making the arrangements for him to leave this Tuesday morning for a 10hr bus trip. Another one of those for whom you have prayed. So many lives have truly been affected through these efforts. To God be the glory!

And AGAIN- one of the regulars “King” just said that he wants to enter a program and we are working on his info and intake process now. He has a favorite that we are trying to get him into so pray for bed availability today. Thank you all for your prayers and if you are so led please contribute to this cause. God is in it. Won’t you be too?

Prayer request- yesterday one of the IR-regulars showed up named Eric. I asked where he had been and he said he doesn’t come when he’s on his “MISSION” but comes when he wants to sit and think. He said he’s tired and ready to enter a program and wants our help. Eze. 11:19

Praise, praise- Matthew came by yesterday afternoon with very high spirits. He had worked through some issues so we called the program again they told him to come in. I saw him again this morning and he was beaming from ear to ear stating that he has been accepted and was only out today for an appointment but is in the stabilization program. Hallelujah!!!

New faces- as several of our friends have chosen to better their lives and entered rehab programs or transitional housing new friends are coming. God is always in front of our efforts not responding to them as if seeing the trend and acting on it (Eph. 1:3 Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ.). It HAS been done.

End of a good week – after much hassle over 2 weeks JB is finally doing his intake now. These things are never as easy as some would suppose. Through our eyes you may be seeing the homeless lifestyle a little clearer and understanding that “Get a job” or “Seek treatment” are very easy for us to say but much more difficult for them to do. It really requires God’s loving hand.

Good morning all. An angel of the Lord just picked up Matthew and Elworth and is taking them to a drug program right now. Remember their names and wash them in your prayers. (James 5:16 “Confess your trespasses to one another, and pray for one another, that you may be healed.”)

God certainly gives us opportunity to enter into relationships when we are available and willing. Taking time to hear someone’s troubles and speaking grace into their situation can often times be all that is needed. Love takes on many forms. When we position ourselves in His Love then that love will flow out of us toward others. Abide in His love…


Try to take notice of the vulnerable, lonely and hurting around you.  If you are able, give them your loving attention. If you’re unable to serve them, then help us to serve them.  Every donation makes a difference.

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