By Malcolm Cox-el


Homeless….what comes to mind?

Someone who you cannot see the divine? Not someone below the poverty line,

Labels just gloss over what’s truly inside,

You can’t judge a book when you only read one side,

We think we are the sin, yeah, the fall of us,

But God created man, just to love all of us,

Does God called us to create a flawless world with each other or does God call us in a flawed world to love each other?

Don’t get that mixed up by getting mixed up in reconciliation,

Wild West we look as the sun goes down,

Yes we see the gunslingers knowing Gods will lingers not worried who’s fingers are on the trigger,

But who’s the bringer of peace knowing God has already written out the story which best suits his glory where we play the role,

God has designed for each of us in his direction,

We trust blessed be our neighbors that we love them as if they are us treat a stranger like a brother and a sinner like a son we teach and learn from each other,

Never rushing the outcome reconciliation with no hesitation as God had done watching the light of the world rise with the sun knowing that God is one and he’s about the base hit not the homerun …..

So let’s Stand up, not man down ,

Because if King’s dream been gun down, we will run the town we’re doing laps,

We hear the sound then it snaps back to colorless rhyme a better time around,

Catching the rebound before the shot,

The heart pounds as if one seen Lady luck wearing a beautiful nightgown,

The whispers of miracles become loud a beacon that fuels the crowd,

And then we upgrade this theory like evolution but we add big G,

So it’s absolution hoping for peace and not knowing the solution but continuing to fight if only for one more night,

We just follow God’s signs breaking away from the assembly line we call the world,

God’s plan by design is the best life of all the time but to reconcile is just the 1st mile don’t be tired while standing on stones.


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