These past few months at Church on the Street have seen many exciting developments. God is doing something fantastic here and we want to share a bit with you.  

  • Pastor Andy was appointed to the International Justice/Human Trafficking Coalition commissioned to develop international and local strategies to raise awareness, prevent, rescue and provide aftercare.
  • We have added new staff members and volunteer leaders including Renee Sassaman as our Director of Operations, Vesta Brewer as our Community Services Specialist and Daniel Henry to operate our social media and assist our advancement efforts.
  • Our Center for Practical Theology is looking to hire a new director to expand our educational efforts and experiences, including a new book, new seminars and specialized mission trips.
  • We are launching our first pilot project at our new Business Incubator.
  • We have expanded our grant program to include those finishing their GED.
  • During our enrichment times we are beginning two projects where our community will make bracelets and scarves to share with others in our neighborhood or with other ministries across the country so they will know they are being prayed for and they are not alone.
  • At another time we will tell of the many individuals who are coming to Christ (or coming back to Christ), finding meaning in their lives, changing their lives to align with their commitment to Christ, or who are simply being transformed by the Holy Spirit present in our little community.

None of this is possible without your support. We know that when God moves the Devil does too. Please be praying for us as God continues His mighty works. Please also consider making a one time or monthly gift. We depend on the generosity of God’s people.

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