A couple of weeks ago I met a young man named Anthony (aka  Anthony of the Street).  He shared with me this unfinished poem and gave me permission to share it with all of you.  I am recreating it for you just as I received it.

Homeless and Happy

my pain run so deep you would think

my soul would be unrepairable constantely

thinking of my mistakes as I walk the

street of the ATL.

Homeless and Happy

Sulfreying, and reaping what I sowed

God chastizeing me for the vowels

I made and didn’t keep that’s why

Sleep on the ground, and walk the streets.

But I can truly say god’s with me. I just

gotta stand firm on my belief and go on

through these ostacles. But knowing God

with me is why I can truly say

I smile because I’m truly Happy

because I truly know Jesus, and I’m


Homeless and Happy

Crying on the inside

Crying on the inside Cause

the pain is unbearable from the

Hurt of loseing my mother, and

never, haveing a daddy and being

alone in this cruel world. all I

have is god to keep me strong and

Happy, while I cry on the Inside.

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