It can be a little deceiving to try to get an idea of how rampant homelessness is just by looking at the few people we see on the street corner or hanging out by the interstate on ramp.  The problem is that most of us live in a secluded situation where we don’t normally encounter any homeless people.  Or if we do, it’s on a one here or there basis.

Here’s a comparison to give some perspective.  The Georgia Dome seats 71,228 for football, and can hold approximately: 75,000 for concerts, 53,000 for basketball when the dome is fully open and 40,000 for basketball and gymnastics when the dome is sectioned off (one half closed off by a large curtain).

According to an email I received today from the Georgia Alliance to End Homelessness, every year over 70,000 families, children and individuals experience homelessness.

Compare that to the numbers for the Georgia Dome.  Mind numbing.


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