English: Chester suburb. Houses in Western Ave...

English: Chester suburb. Houses in Western Avenue Blacon, a post war (WW2) suburb of the City of Chester (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I think when most people think of homeless they think of inner city areas.  They picture a person standing on the sidewalk among the sky scrapers.  These are definitely some of the homeless population, but not  all of them are city dwellers.


I received a Facebook message last night from one of our staff members that lives in a city/suburb north of Atlanta.  She has been involved in helping find shelter for a couple of people that were brought to her attention.  They were living outside as best they could, staying hidden of course.  Many people will not help them, they will call the police.


Jesus is not just calling us to work in the inner cities or third world countries.  We are called to work where we are.  That may mean in your own back yard.  We need to open our eyes and hearts and let God lead us to the right place at the right time.  We cannot do this work on our own.  Simply stated, sin has made us incapable of any good without the Spirit’s indwelling.


Let Jesus lead you today and be available for what you find.  I think you’ll be amazed at what God will do through you.



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