I think when most people think of homeless people, they think of men.  I’m not sure why, just the natural thought pattern I guess.  This means that unfortunately homeless women and sometimes children are forgotten.  Being a woman living on the streets is a rough life to say the least.  They occasionally have to do horrible things just to survive.

We are trying to do something about that.  We have two women on staff that are very dedicated to reaching the homeless women in our area and showing them that they are loved.  That they are not forgotten by God or us at Church on the Street.

I was downstairs in the office this week and I heard that the women’s group was having a special afternoon tea type meeting upstairs.  I decided to go up and ask if I could take a picture for our facebook page.  They graciously agreed, but I was in awe.  So much joy was in that room.  It was a beautiful thing to behold.  I am truly blessed that God has allowed me a small part at Church on the Street.

If you would like to provide financial support to the women’s ministry efforts you can make an online donation at our website: http://www.churchonthestreet.com .

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