I talk to as many people as I can about the mission of Church on the Street.  This question almost always comes up: “what do you do?”  It’s a valid question, but a little off the mark.  Do we ‘do’ things at Church on the Street?  Yes,  for instance we have a Saturdays on the Street program where we bring coffee, coats, socks, gloves, hats and other needed items.  But our mission is not about doing.  Our mission is about being.

We are being Jesus to people that need him and need a friend.  We are being people who care enough to spend a Saturday morning just hanging out with people that may feel like they’ve been forgotten.  And there’s more,  we are being Jesus to more than just the homeless.  We want to be the light to anyone who needs to see it.  The young mother who finds herself alone.  The widower who suddenly realizes that he’s alone.  The frazzled woman in the grocery store line that just needs a friendly face.  And of course, the homeless man or woman that needs to know that God still cares.

The mission of Church on the Street is to ‘be’.  Only when we learn to ‘be’ can we truly be affective in our doing.


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