Why does Church on the Street do what it does?  Why does Pastor Andy go out into the street day after day?  Why do groups travel from many miles away to spend one day working with the homeless?

It’s all about hope.  Think about hope in your own life.  Hope for a promotion at work.  Hope for your kids to do well in school.  Hope to be able to afford the next vacation.  Hope for the future in general.

We all need hope to keep going.  Otherwise the monotony of day after day would be too much to bear.  That’s what Church on the Street is bringing to the homeless.  Hope.  Hope that comes from knowing that someone cares and that you’re not alone.  Hope in knowing that God still knows where you are and he has people looking after you.  Hope that things can change and that the world, at least not all of it, is not as bad as we might have thought.

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