We received this letter this week and wanted to share it.

I’m writing from the church youth group in North Carolina.  We were in Atlanta a couple of weeks ago doing various mission works, and you graciously took time out of your schedule to meet with us on Sunday evening and share your thoughts on street ministry with our group.

Several of our small groups came by COTS to hang out and participate in your daily bible study.  I personally thought the methods being used at Church on the Street were very innovative and were exceedingly more beneficial than the traditional “drive by church methodology”.  There is a great deal more care and development going on among the people, and I most certainly agree that those factors are extremely important when trying to reach out to someone.  After spending the week among the homeless, I did learn a great deal.  I learned that it is IMPOSSIBLE to make a real difference in a short time frame, and that we really were helping ourselves more than the homeless community.  With this in mind, I am committed to becoming more involved in my local community on a long term basis and seeking out a similar ministry to participate in.

Our small group was given a sum of money to donate to an Atlanta ministry where we felt it would be put to the best use in spreading the love of Jesus Christ.  We unanimously chose Church on the Street.  We think that the Church on the street philosophy made the most sense out of everywhere we went, and we know it will make an impact in the lives of those you serve.  What your team is doing is great and gives a whole new perspective on serving the homeless.

May the peace of Christ be with you and your staff.

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