"Mine is a world of incomprehensible shad...

“Mine is a world of incomprehensible shadows”. Severely retarded mentally and physically, she never spoke, was stunted and probably never walked. She was one of a quarter of the world’s children at risk of iodine deficiency, known to be the world’s leading cause of preventable mental retardation. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I was down at Church on the Street today gathering information for our social media outreach.  During lunch I was walking around to the various tables just to say hello and see how everyone was doing.


As I was going around one of the young ladies, who is homeless, was looking at me to make sure that I said hello to her.  She is quite obviously mentally retarded, I hope this is the correct description.  I did make sure I said hi to her, but her face stuck with me today.


It’s easy, although wrong, to judge a homeless person.  We think that they are on the street because it’s there fault, or they’re lazy, or they just like it there.  It may be true that for a small, very small, portion this may be true.


But for this young lady who looked at me with the eyes of a child, it’s not her fault.  She does not have the ability to change her station in life.  She is a victim of a fallen world and it is up to us as representatives of Christ to reach those who can’t stand up on their own.


God help us if we turn a blind eye.




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