It was not enough that God had compassion for His fallen world or that He desired for all of us to be saved. It was necessary that He fulfill His love by coming to be with us; to walk with us, suffer with us, laugh with us. This is what we celebrate at Christmas: God with us.

In this sense, Christmas is at the heart of Church on the Street. Our ministry is summed up by this simplest of callings: to be actively for and with the lonely and vulnerable on the streets. Now in our 11th year, we continue to give ourselves as servants of the vulnerable. And it is in no small part to your obedience to the call of sending Christ’s hope into a hopeless world that men like Charlie, after being homeless for over ten years, are able to find salvation and a new beginning.

If you have one more Christmas gift to give or you simply want to give a year-end donation before the tax man comes to be with us, then please remember Church on the Street.


On behalf of the lonely and vulnerable on the streets, thank you for your continued love, prayers and support.

Merry Christmas,
Pastor Andy and the Church on the Street Team
P.O. Box 54717
Atlanta, GA 30308

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