If you’ve been in church for any time at all you’ve heard of various mission trips and other types of Christian outreach.  I think until one is actually involved in one they are a little out of our comprehension.  We hear about homeless people, orphans in a far away country, etc.  But until we see them in person, they are more of an idea or a project than real people.

I’m ashamed to admit that it took me a while to finally make a commitment to working steadily with Church on the Street.  I always let other things get in the way.  Life is busy, I’ll just send money, I’ll just pray, etc.  (Don’t get me wrong here, praying and financial support are extremely important).  But once I made the commitment to work in earnest with Church on the Street something changed in me.

Let’s take this coming Saturday for instance.  I won’t be able to be in person for Saturday’s on the Streets.  I was asked to be a volunteer to work on a house with Habitat for Humanity.  Still a worthy project, but to be totally honest, the thought of not being downtown in the park on Saturday morning is really bothering me.

It’s not because it makes me feel good about myself.  If that was the case, then working on a habitat house would do the same thing.  There’s more to it than that.  I want to be with the homeless.  I want to be in the park with the rest of the crew and just be the hands and feet of Christ.  There’s something about the mission of Church on the Street that’s different.  It’s real.  It’s a real life example of everything that Jesus taught.  I guess I will just be home sick for a week.


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