2015 is off to a flying start and we’ve got a couple of new things up our sleeve for the new year.  Here’s a sneak peak at two of them…

New Mission Team Options Mission Team Workshops are opportunities for those seeking to learn how to engage with the vulnerable, live as neighbors and overcome divisions in their own communities. All trips are an intensive crash course in fostering and living into community. During these trips guests learn the theological foundations and practical skills for developing reciprocal relationships and serving the most vulnerable. Every experience will broadly cover topics including:

  • Reconciliation and Justice
  • Human Trafficking
  • Racial Reconciliation
  • Community Development
  • Poverty/Homelessness

Now when you register for a trip you can choose a focus to add on to the experience. In addition to the standard trip, there are options designed specifically for college students or leadership teams. You can also choose trips with an extended focus on human trafficking, community development, homelessness/Poverty or racial reconciliation.

The Reconciliation and Justice Academy We want to go deeper. So we have partnered with people and organizations that have been thinking and working intensely on specific areas of reconciliation and justice. We want to make this collective experience and wisdom available to you. In May you can join us for this unique experience. As well as participating in the life of the Church on the Street Community through prayer and shared meals, you will also choose a ministry specific intensive track.

  • Human Trafficking – Rev. Dr. Kimberly Majeski, Founder-Stripped Love
  • Building a Reconciling Church                                                                            Rev. Dr. James Lewis, Dean-Anderson School of Theology
  • Dignity Serves: Asset Based Ministry – Rev. Dan Crain, Polis Institute
  • Intentional Neighboring – Rev. Dr. Shawn Duncan, EIRO
  • Community Development – Rev. Jim Wehner and Katie Delp                              FCS (Focused Community Strategies)

There will also be two joint sessions. The first will be led by Dr. Andy Odle, the Executive Director of Church on the Street, who will help us to position ministry within a theology of reconciliation.  The second will be led by Chris Heuertz, formerly of Word Made Flesh and now the co-founder of Gravity: A Center for Contemplative Activism, who will help us to ground social engagement within Christian contemplative spirituality.

More details and how to register will be made available soon.

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