Ok, this is not a post about the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld, but I’ve always wanted to use that line and this was my chance. So there, I’ve done it and now my life is nearly complete. 😉

Actually, I want to try to explain to you what our daily lunch together is all about. First, it’s not a soup kitchen. A soup kitchen is someplace where a person who has nothing to eat comes, gets in line, gets their food and goes on their way. The only thing accomplished in this scenario is obtaining food for another day.

We at Church on the Street operate quite differently. The people in our community come for lunch, hopefully some morning meal time will happen soon on a regular basis, we pray together, we get food, we sit down and we all eat together.

There are community members who work to get the food in. Some who cook. Some who serve. And some who clean up. Sound familiar? It is a community we are building under the direction, provision and protection of Christ. This is a model that was shown by Jesus and we hope to emulate and then teach others to do the same.


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