Allison is a member of our community that recently moved to Maryland. She sent this letter to update us on her life.  Since she addressed it to the whole community I am sharing it here so that all can celebrate with her.

Dear Pastor Andy and everyone at Church on the Street,

   It has been quite a few months since I graduated and moved to Maryland but I haven’t forgotten you all!  I miss being able to stop by and see friends, listen to stories, and have some of Harry’s great cooking.  I hope that things are going well!

   I really like my job here at NASA.  I’m working on a high altitude balloon mission that will carry an infrared telescope up to the top of the atmosphere.  The telescope will look at galaxies in the infrared (basically how much heat they’re giving off.) It’s hard to do infrared astronomy from the ground because Earth’s atmosphere traps heat so there’s a lot of heat “noise” in the data.  My job is to design and analyze the structure that the telescope will sit on.  It’s fun, but a lot of work.  I’m learning so many new things! 

   I am settling in to living in Maryland.  I got a cat.  He’s cute – his name is Ticky.  (Like a clock.)  I found a nice church to go to, though they aren’t heavily involved in homeless ministry which I am sad about.  I want to do something like Church on the Street was but I haven’t found anything close by.  All of it involves metro-ing into DC which can take an hour just to travel. 🙁  I am sure if I keep my eyes open, though, something will turn up that is closer to where I live.  I hope so!

   Anyway, I know Harry always needs more cooking supplies and there’s always pants and socks needed, so I’m including a check to help out a little.  I’m so glad Church on the Street exists and that I found it while in Atlanta.  Let me know what’s new! Say hi to everyone for me!



We miss you too Allison.

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