Two nights ago in the middle of the night the police were out in force rounding up the homeless who were sleeping under the bridges or in the parking lots. Two choices: move on or be arrested. The first begs the question, “Move on to where?” There are not enough beds in Atlanta for the homeless. The second begs the question, “For what?” The full press is on to get the homeless out of Atlanta. When the shelter at Peachtree and Pine closes with the help of the city, then they will be going after the Gateway Center. Word is they want it out of Atlanta and moved on to Decatur. Odd that the city championed the Gateway Center. They must have thought that their one shelter (which used to be a prison and still looks like one), supportive housing unit, and campaign against panhandling would end homelessness. On to Plan B: (the original Plan A) ship the homeless elsewhere or arrest them.

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