A few days ago Brodie, our social media director, asked a question on our Facebook page about what people would miss the most from their present life if they ended up homeless. Here’s one of the more insightful responses especially because it is not theoretical.

Speaking as someone who has experienced homelessness, one of the worst things is nowhere to use the bathroom. You can be arrested for public indecency if you go outside, even though that is hardly your intention. All this is especially bad …for a woman. It’s the little things that I appreciate the most now that I am no longer homeless…safety, privacy, hot showers and clean clothes, having your own things that are there when you get back. Every night I pray for my brothers and sisters who are still outside, in shelters and in jails. I have been to these places and I know that no one deserves to live that way, no matter what they have done wrong, and I did plenty wrong. But God forgives, why can’t people?

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