Literacy Experiences and Outcomes Colour

Literacy Experiences and Outcomes Colour (Photo credit: cx1uk)

We have the task of educating people outside of our community on what we do in our community.  It’s a difficult task at times because when someone finds out we work with many homeless people in Atlanta, they automatically think that we are a shelter or a soup kitchen.  We are neither.  We do meals but not in a soup kitchen format, but I digress, more on that in another post.

One of our main objectives is helping people back on their feet.  If you can imagine, it would be difficult to obtain a job, sign up for assistance of some sort, or any other host of activities.  So one of the things we do at Church on the Street is offer literacy classes.  This is a fundamental skill in any environment.

If you would like to partner with Church on the Street in some way, please let us know.

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