I hope you know that the mission of Church on the Street has been successful.  Just today I saw that Pastor Andy posted a story of a homeless gentleman that is now going to rehab.  Praise God!  This is not the only story like this.

Lets take a look at this from a different position though.  Let’s say that Pastor Andy, you, me and everyone else involved with the mission of COTS work tirelessly for the next 40 years and not one more person leaves the street.

Sounds like a horrible failure doesn’t it?  But not so much if we change the lense we’re using to look at the situation.

So, back to the scenario.  You, me and the rest come along side Pastor Andy and we all work day in and day out and not one person stops being homeless.  And then the end comes.  Jesus returns and we go home.  When we get there, we see all the family and friends that went before us.  They’ve been waiting on us to get there.  They are so happy to see us and they’re chomping at the bit to show us around heaven.  They’re especially excited to take us around the block to see our new home that Jesus has been working on this whole time.  But before we go, they say they’ve got something to show us that’s even more impressive.

So you follow along, totally unaware of what could be possibly be better than just being here in heaven.  You round one more corner and there’s a scene that brings you to your knees.  You’re winded like you’ve just been punched in the gut and not sure how you can even walk again.

The scene before you is a party.  Not just any party, but a welcome home party in your honor.  You immediately wonder, with everyone that just came to heaven along with you, why do I deserve a party for just me.  Just then you start to recognize some of the faces in the crowd.  You’re having such a hard time placing all the smiling faces and then it hits you like a ton of bricks.

The clothes are definitely different and the faces are so much brighter.  Happier than you’ve ever seen them.  This is not just a welcome home party.  It’s a thank you party.  All of the homeless men and women that you touched in your time with them have gathered to throw you a huge thank you/welcome home party.  They never found a home on earth, but because you didn’t give up, they found Jesus and in turn found the mansion that he had prepared for them.

Is one soul worth the effort, even if they always remain homeless on earth?  To me, it’s our goal.  Finding them a way off of the street is just a side benefit.


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