As some of you may or may not know, I help Pastor Andy and Church on the Street with their social media efforts.  That means that I contribute to this blog as well as the activity on Facebook and Twitter.

It’s something that I try to do on a daily basis.  Blogging is by far the most difficult activity of any social media effort.  It simply takes more time and much more thought.

I’ve noticed a curious phenomenon with social media in mind.  I couldn’t make it down to work with the usual Saturday on the Street this morning.  Had to work my other job.  The longer I’m away from the homeless the more they start to fade from my mind.  Then the harder it is to write for this blog.  I quickly forget and let the worries of my normal life push the concerns for the homeless out of my mind.  I start to forget that I have a higher calling in this life and that calling has nothing to do with if I’m saving enough for retirement or where to have dinner tonight.  My calling from God is to reach out to others, homeless and home having, and show them the gift that Jesus has to offer.

I will definitely try not to miss any more Saturday’s on the Streets and I’ll work even harder on directing my mind towards the things that matter.  Eternal things.


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