I think when most of us see a homeless person, our first response is some level of sympathy.  At least I hope that’s the normal response.  But have you ever thought about it from a different angle?

Imagine yourself for a minute as homeless.  You have absolutely nothing but the clothes on your back and maybe a few things that you can carry.  No house, no car, no job.  How do you keep going from one day to the next without knowing if the cycle will ever end.

That’s the reality for the homeless.  I’m sure that most of them can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Some of them may not even believe the light even exist anymore.  And yet they keep going.  Day after day in the same cycle and they keep moving forward, even though they’re not sure where they’re headed.  They keep smiling, keep living and keep trying.

That is the very definition of strength.  A homeless person doesn’t know if today will hold anything better than yesterday and yet they get up and keep moving, hoping, praying and living.

Some may call it simple survival.  I call it astonishing.


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