It rained all day yesterday and through the night here in Georgia.  I was thinking this morning about how miserable it used to be when I was in the Army and we were out in the field(the woods) during a constant rain.  Everything gets soaked.  Sometimes we had tents and sometimes not, either way there was no escaping it.  You were going to get wet.  The one thing that made it bearable was knowing that my time in the field would end and I would go back home and get a shower and dry clothes.

And then I think of our homeless brothers and sisters.  Some will be able to make it into a shelter, but not all.  Those that, for whatever reason, can’t be in a shelter are left to brave the soaking rain and colder temps.  The majority don’t have the luxury of a tent or other shelter.  They’re just staying as dry as possible without any equipment.  The unfortunate thing is that they don’t have a house or shower to look forward to.  They’re simply just waiting for the rain to end so that they can hopefully dry out before the next rain comes.


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