Given the sheer destruction and the years that will be the recovery, we couldn’t find it in our hearts during the immediate aftermath to directly divert funds from the dire emergency taking place in Haiti. It was absolutely necessary for our collective gaze to be on that island nation. And it is still necessary to be attentive to the needs of our brothers and sisters who are suffering so incredibly. So we encourage our friends and supporters to not lose sight of the desperate need that will go on for years to come. But we also know that our work on the streets of Atlanta must continue. And this is why our request can wait no longer. For there are women like Kelli, trapped in the sex trade and being numbed by a heroin addiction that need someone to find her, love her and not give up on her. And there are teens like Anthony, given over to the streets by their parents, who, without loving attention, will end up working as an enforcer for the drug dealers and walking through life with a vacant stare as if his soul had been stolen. Then there’s Justine, Charlie, Melvin, Rachel, Stanley, and countless others, who walk the streets with mental disabilities and no one who cares. To these lonely, vulnerable and forgotten we have been called to serve, and we cannot neglect this high honor.

So we are asking you, our partners and friends, to remember the poor and displaced living on our streets. We need your help now more than ever. The number of homeless continues to rise and the demand on our finances continues to strain. But we are committed to persevere for we believe in a God who provides through His people. Church on the Street does not receive large corporate gifts or government grants, rather we count on Christ’s church and His disciples to help meet the needs of the least of our brothers and sisters. Will your church include us in their missions, Faith Promise or Lottie Moon budget? Will you consider increasing your gift or to begin giving to Church on the Street? Will you become a partner in caring for God’s precious children discarded by the world? You may only be able to spare $10 or $25 a month, let me assure you that every gift makes a difference. Maybe you have ample resources and are looking to be a blessing to those in need, let me assure you that we are committed to being good stewards of all that Christ provides. Church on the Street is expanding our ministry to meet the increased presence of the poor on the streets. This will include more weekly volunteer opportunities, training more street missionaries and launching our Urban Ministries Certification Program with Anderson University School of Theology. Help us reach out to the lonely and forgotten living on our streets.

There are several easy and safe ways for you to partner with us. First, you can request pre-addressed offering envelopes from Church on the Street by email or phone. Second, you can give online and set up a recurring monthly gift that will automatically be billed to your credit card. Or third, you can set up an automatic bill pay with your bank.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support.

Your missionary on the streets,
Pastor Andy

P.S. Please forward this on to those you know to be sympathetic to the needs of the poor and homeless.

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